The story of Skin Deep has been broken down into the following segments:

Main Story ArcsEdit


Location: The Ozarks (southwest Missouri)

Timeline: Late August 2004 to early September 2004

Summary: Orientations centers around Michelle Jocasta , the last known Grecian Sphinx. Her presence has attracted the attention of several creatures eager to capture and study her.


Location: The Liverpool Avalon (Liverpool, England)

Timeline: One day in late August, 2004 (a few weeks before Orientations)

Summary: Exchanges focuses on several different characters during a single day in the Liverpool Avalon. Where Orientations focuses on an extremely unusual situation (the return of an extinct race), Exchanges focuses more on the daily, relatively normal lives of mythical creatures.


Location: Mid-Missouri

Timeline: November 2004

Summary: Greg convinces Michelle to reveal her true nature as a Sphinx to her mother, and they both discover a bit more about Michelle's father in the process.

Greetings from Dogpatch

Location: The Ozarks

Timeline: May 2005

Summary: Myra Reinkemeyer and Eustace Swiftrunner goes to the Dogpatch alongside Gabe to learn more about the Nightmare that attacked Michelle and her friends on Halloween.


Location: The Liverpool Avalon

Timeline: Late August 2004

Summary: Anthony Learns more about his parentage and why he turned into a male Harpy.


Location: Merseyside

Timeline: June 2005

Summary: While Jim visits his family in england and bring his friends from Missouri with him, both he and Michelle learn more about their ancestry.

Short Stories and Bonus ComicsEdit

Fiddler's CaveEdit

Location: The Ozarks (southwest Missouri)

Timeline: Fall 2000

Summary: A young Greg Tragos tells Merial McMinnus a ghost story about a nearby cave.

The One-Eyed BearEdit

Location: Verona, Missouri

Timeline: Halloween 2004

Summary: While on their way to a Halloween event, Greg's car is stopped by a Nightmare, which forces them to ask a bugbear for help.

Ridiculous CreaturesEdit

Location: The Ozarks (southwest Missouri)

Timeline: Winter 2004 (possibly early 2005)

Summary: Michelle Jocasta asks Jim Finn about the existence of some holiday-theme mythical creatures.

Nixie Spit

Location: Southwest Missouri

Timeline: Setemper 2004

Summary: While Merial read a book about her abilities and relax with Jim, she learns that her saliva has some interesting properties...

The Bugbear Talisman

Location: Liverpool Avalon


Summary: Lily Snodgrass, a Mischievoius glaistig, purchase the titular talisman to pull a prank on Alec.

Kill Them with Kindness

Location: Liverpool Avalon

Timeline: Late August 2004

Summary: Ike Sanford, while taking with Rondha Pelton, has a rather unexpect encounter with his family.