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Exterior view of the Liverpool Avalon

Liverpool Avalon 1

Inside the Liverpool Avalon

The Liverpool Avalon (Also known as the L.A) is a hidden town located in the warehouse district of Liverpool, disguised from the outside to look like a very large warehouse. It seems to be much more complex than the Springfield Avalon, which in the comic is only viewed as a few rooms. The ceiling is false, letting light and a view of the sky through while keeping the lives of those below secret. Beings from all over the world gather here, many of them have come down from the Wonderland Avalon, though those few sometimes have a harder time fitting in with others. The town itself has been around since the middle ages, predating the time that all "mythical" creatures went into hiding. Django Henja, an elderly Bohemian Lion, keeps watch at one of its entrances, while it appears that the bugbear Alec Hyde wanders the hallway separating the outside from the inside, although it is unclear if he does this for any other reason than to antagonize visitors.


  • The Drunken Satyr - a large pub near one of the entrances to the Avalon (see picture at right). There is a statue fountain in front of the entrance of a wine-imbibing satyr, and it is considered good luck to toss a few coins into the satyr's wine-glass.
  • Greensleeves - a popular restaurant in the middle of Avalon, and often draws a few guests that, even in the Avalons, are a rare sight.
  • Prestor John's - Madam U's antique shop. It sells magical artifacts, and most importantly the Medallions that hide the "mythical" creatures.
  • The Underground - a bar/club with a large stage that caters to the Avalon's many bands. An alley outside is used to gather for Bar Bets.
  • Art Gallery - Leah Tanno is seen setting up for a gallery opening
  • Brodie's Bakery
  • Queen Anne's Books
  • Ceres Food Mart
  • Stereophonic Records
  • Library
  • Equestrian stables, where centaurs, satyrs, and other hoofed creatures can be shod.
  • A small school (with a playground)

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