Lily Snodgrass is a glaistig first seen in the Liverpool Avalon. The page in which she is introduced gives her the label "Troublemaker." She is friends with Dean Daud.

Bugbear Talisman arcEdit

Lily seems to have a strong interest in the trouble causing potentially of bugbears and their powers. It is suggested that she has a strong interest in practical jokes and that Alec has so far avoided her attempts. She seems to believe the Talisman could be used to prank Alec Hyde

After buying the talisman from the reluctant Madam U, Lily quickly tested the talisman in a poster image of Alec to see if he would sense her messing with it. When nothing happened, she quickly bought enough honey to fill a bucket and place it above his door. The prank worked.

However, while gloating her "victory" over Alec, the annoyed bugbear paid a cup of mead to her, explaining that while he may not know how she got past his radar, he knows perfectly well that was her who pulled the prank thanks to their past. As a result, Alec declared enmity to lily and promptly paid her back by conjuring bees from her cup.