A kitsune is a yokai which takes the shape of a fox with multiple tails. Like all yokai, kitsunes live in Japan. Yokai and North American spirits are extremely distant relatives but they have more in common than they do with European creatures. Kitsunes are related to fox totems. Both species are very magical and long-lived. They may also be natural shapeshifters as creatures outside of Europe do not usually receive medallions.

Physical Description Edit

A kitsune's natural form is that of an ordinary fox native to Japan. Kitsunes differ from ordinary foxes because they possess more than one tail. The only kitsune seen had two tails. In mythology a kitsune could have nine tails. A kitsune's midform is more humanoid than a fox totem's. The only sign of their true forms are their multiple tails and fox ears.

Kitsune Abilities Edit

Like totems, kitsunes are very magical. They can shift from fox to human and possess a midform. A kitsune's magic is governed by more rules than totem magic but they can be more powerful over time.