Region of Origin

Ancient Rome



Physical Description

Human upper bodies with deer characteristics and the hind legs of deers


Probably woodland areas in ancient times before the Avalons

Related Species


First Appearance

Exchanges: Handshakes, page 6

Fauns are a bipedal species resembling a cross between a human and a deer, possessing human faces and general posture with the tails, ears, and antlers of a deer. Each hand has two fingers and a thumb, and fur resembling that of a deer covers the forearms and from the waist down, with a possible skin coloration similar to that of the spots on a young deer. The eyes of a faun lack visible pupils or irises, and are typically a shade of red, black, or brown. While not especially magical, they are capable of producing flowers in their hair by magical means, and typically have an attraction to gardening and activities involving the tending of plant life.

Due to their similar overall body structure having a resemblance to that of a satyr, many consider fauns to be a very close genetic relative of satyrs, although satyrs are often described as being much more rowdy and generally rambunctious. Fauns and satyrs can produce viable offspring without the use of a medallion, further supporting this theory.

Examples: Margot Rosenbaum

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