The Dogpatch avalon is a community of secretive creatures and a least one totem creature. This avalon is visited during the story arc 'Greetings from Dogpatch'.

The Avalon is based in an abandoned amusement park in Arkansas, USA. The park was abandoned in 1993, some time before the comics timeline.

The Avalon still contains many of the original structures from the park, re-purposed for use by the residents.

The park is guarded by several sentries, including a bigfoot like creature called ol' Fouke and a ozark howler. A third sentry is a nightmare first encountered in the story arc 'the One-Eyed Bear' and returned to the Avalon by Gabe.

The Avalon has several nearby caves, one of which contained a hell mouth that was closed by the end of the story arc 'Greetings from Dogpatch'