Borogrove cards

Borogove (originally Borogrove ) is a card game originating from Wonderland. First show on page 7 of exchanges (Handshakes) being played by Eleanor Mothersbaugh and Rupert Burton-Fitzgerald. It is then shown in more detail on pages 19, 20, 21 ,22 and 23.

Before the games creation as part of a kickstarter project the specifics of the game were unknown (even to the artist!) but having a high number of 'vorpals' is seen as a good thing.

Information from the kickstater project (link) shows detail about the creation of the game and it is possible to play with a regular deck - just that instead of 13 cards with four suits, there are 4 cards for 13 suits.

Jim Finn claims to be good at the game.

The game now has its own website.



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